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Project by Robert; Potentiometer Position Monitor

Robert just shared a new project: "Potentiometer Position Monitor"

This project started out being a method of displaying the approximate position of a 10 turn pot. Quickly expanded into a full-scale Flight Sim add-on. I initially intended to use the 10 turn pot in the Flight Sim but the project is the method I used to display approximate position at a glance. I initially used a turns counter but despite being far more accurate was a bit inconvenient as I had to search for and interpret the small numbers. 

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Great to see this finally up! Thanks for sending it in Bob :slight_smile:


Nice idea, will remember when I get into something complicated like the multi-turn pots. Thanks Robert.


Hi G
Glad to help in any way I can. But there is nothing strange or complicated about a 10 turn pot. Coupled with a reasonable quality turns counter repeatability can be pretty good.
I have such a combination along with a rotary encoder (all Bourns) set up on a bracket on a base board along with an Arduino and proto board for experimental purposes.
Cheers Bob
Edit. I used the 10 turn pot here for smoother control and more realism for elevator trim in the flight sim.


Hey Bob,

Glad we got this one released! We’re clearing through the backlog we’ve got here at the moment.

Creative use of the bar graph LEDs, if you’ve got any photos of the complete flight-sim rig that you’re putting together when you’ve got it all assembled we’re all keen to take a look :grin:

All the best with your projects Bob! And as always, thanks for posting on the forum yet again!


cool for those who have need


Hi Bryce and All interested
Please accept apologies for being so very slow to respond. I have been very limited in work space for the last few years so cannot progress as quickly and smoothly as I would like. Almost down to the kitchen table situation.

This project has snowballed and is not yet complete. Very much a work in progress. Getting there.

Recap: I had a 10 turn pot assigned to an axis for elevator trim on my flight simulator. My main problem was finding centre position being unable to directly see the turns counter I had fitted. Years ago (Picaxe days) I had a system to control speed and direction of a small motor with a single pot, centre being off. I modified the concept to use Arduino and LED bargraphs to achieve the result documented above.

This worked well but having 2 boxes was pretty cumbersome so tried something new. Graduated (or promoted sideways) to a rotary encoder for this purpose with the push button zeroing to “Take Off” position. As I am already using a Leo Bodnar joystick board and 9 other rotary encoders this was pretty easy and everything fitted into the grey box. But, I thought the LED indicator would still be nice.

The next problem, sharing the rotary encoder with the Leo Bodnar board and Arduino. Unfortunately the method of processing button pushes on L B board and Arduino are vastly different. LB system strobes a matrix to detect button presses while Arduino switches to Gnd or logic high. L B support could not offer any solution as if I wanted to ground 1 row this would upset the strobing operation for that row.
They do however have another solution. L B make a version of this controller in which all 36 buttons are taken to ground when operated. Still does the same, 4 inputs for top hat plus 32 buttons or 16 rotary encoders or any combinations. This would seemingly solve my sharing a rotary encoder problem. I have ordered and currently await delivery of this board.

I have also transferred the Pitch and Roll axes to the L B board to get rid of the Saitek built in “dead zone”.

I attach a couple of pics of the current state of play. The 10th rotary encoder can be seen tucked in at the end of the L B board.

The function of the 9 encoders are:
Top row. Nav 1 Tune. Radial select, Tune coarse, Tune fine.
2nd row. Nav 2 Tune. Radial select, Tune coarse, Tune fine.
Bottom row. NDB Tune. kHz X 100, kHz X 10, kHz X 1.

The new L B board is larger so I will not have enough real estate. Need a bigger box.
Will keep posted but may be a while getting delivery of new board, still getting Xmas cards from UK.
Cheers Bob


Hi All
Just a quick update.
Postal tracking tells me mu new board arrived in Sydney last night (13/01/22) and is currently waiting to be cleared. Should not be too long now.
Have a few experiments to do before final circuit decisions but it is then full on.
Watch this space (as the saying goes).
Cheers Bob