12 v motors FWD/BWD variable speed control from Circuit express


Forgive me if this have been answered elsewhere , but I’m new here and after a bit of a search I can not find anything.

For a Christmas animation project I had planned to use “Circuit Express & Crickit” boards to control a belt, driven by a 12v DC motor ( variable speed and DIRECTION ).
Apon writing some test code on a Circuit Express, whilst i wait for the Crickit to be restocked, I discovered that the highest voltage I can get from the Crickit is 5-6 v which is too slow

Can someone offer me some advice on how I can (easily) control 12v motors ( at variable speed ) and both directions from a “Playground Express” or perhaps another board that can be programmed with Makercode.

Thanks in advance

You need a motor driver board. Very few microcontrollers supply enough current to drive motors.

Hey @Richard57725,

To piggyback of what Robin has said you will need a motor driver, depending on the characteristics of the motor you are using, something like this may be applicable. You will be able to power your motor from an external source while controlling it on the logic side via PWM on your circuit playground express.

I hope this helps.