Play ground express

Hey core electronics just have a question. Can you hook a DC motor to your playground express? Thanks

Hi Nick,

You can control a DC motor with the circuit playground express. A small hobby motor can probably be driven directly off the board (though I wouldn’t recommend it).

A motor typically demands more current than a micro controller can supply directly. So a Motor Controller must be used. The micro controller (in this case Circuit Playground Express) sends a digital signal to the Motor Controller, and that handles the high current to the motor.

Adafruit has a great breakout board for the Circuit Playground express that turns it into a full robotics platform. It has motor controllers, servo connections, solenoid drivers, easy connections for an external speaker and NeoPixles. The Circuit Playground Express just screws onto it.

Probably the best part about it is that it has full MakeCode support, as well as CircuitPython support, so programming with it is easy!

You can find it here:

Thanks you very much Stephen. I wouldn’t mind seeing this when I come and visit the playground work shop if I could. Last thing the playground work shop says it’s on Tuesday 13th March. However the 13th is on the Wednesday can you clarify this for me please. Thanks

Hi Nick,

We don’t cover use of the CRICKIT in the Circuit Playground Workshop, unfortunately. The workshop will be on Wednesday the 13th of March. Be sure to book if you are interested in coming. The workshop is at our warehouse in Adamstown, NSW.