Urinal Flush System

I would like some help to pick a reliable board with a small footprint and a real time clock to operate a normally closed 12v water solenoid every 15 or so minutes and an option to add a movement sensor later on down the track. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Have a look at an ESP 32 like the The ESP32 thing, it has a built-in RTC and you could control the solenoid with a MOSFET


Hi I am going to start very simple with the below products set on a 15 minute intervals am I able to order and pick up these products today?

1 x SKU: CE05629

10 x SKU: CE05272

1 x SKU: COM-10213

1 x SKU: ROB-10456

1 x 12v power supply

Plus whatever value resistor you would recommend?

I am going to use the a 12v power supply and use the vin pin to power the solinoid.

Hi Antony,

I’m not sure where you are planning on using the resistor so I can’t really help you there. You can only pull 500mA or less through the VIN pin on the Arduino. I wouldn’t recommend powering the solenoid off the Uno. The rest of these products look great though, I expect this will work nicely!

As far as same day pick up, just make sure all the items say “In stock, ships today if ordered by 2pm”. Once your order is in it will enter into our pick process and we will send you an email when its ready to go. Seeing as it’s almost 2 pm now you probably will miss the cutoff for today though.

Have a good one!

check out this project

Hi Anthony,

Here is a suitable resistor: PRT-14492

That project looks perfect for what you are trying to accomplish. The onboard regulator on the Arduino can supply only 800mA, and the board itself uses about 50mA of that. I’m not sure what the solenoid draws, so as long as its less than 750mA then you should be able to power it off the VIN pin without damaging your board.

Could you add that resistor to the order. Ps I really need that order today as I need to install the flush system tomorrow.

Thankyou for your help.


Hi Anthony,

Have you placed your order through the website? All our orders need to be processed through the website. If you’ve already done that, what is your order number?

Everything is ordered thankyou If there is any chance of getting it out this morning I would appreciate it. The order #100125738

Hi Antony,

Looks good! We will send you an email when its ready for pickup!

Working well Thank You for your help, at this given time I have it running for 10 seconds every ten minutes. I am going to use an analog 24h timer to start. When I get a bit more time I will add a RTC and PIR sensor. I need to learn a lot more as this is my 1st project.

Thanks again you have got us out of a pickle


Hmm, I own/operate a caravan park and recently had to up-date my urinal (work in progress).
Flush-Water is connected to mains water, but using a pressure reducer to 200 kpa.
I will be using 3 timers (FRM01) for 3 urinals, each push delivers 2-3 seconds flush time, power supplied by 12 V power plug, supplying power to each timer.
One can automate the timers to operate to various requirements. Check out the FRM01 timer module write up.
No need for expensive micro-controllers or coding. Instead of a push button, I suppose, one can also incorporate a PIR sensor to intitiate a flush.

Thanks for your reply, I have not seen these before and look interesting. I have already purchased and set up the Arduino Uno R3 relatively inexpensive I needed it urgently. Being a restaurant situation I need regular flushing. at the moment I have it flushing for 10 second every 10 minutes between opening hours. The unit I replaced was the Zip Flushmaster urinal flushing systems and whenever the unit failed it was expensive to repair. I will be adding a PIR sensor too it eventually but at the moment Its working great.

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