2.8 TFT only displays white screen

Below are 2 images one of the Tft board and one of the serial monitor output.

No matter what libraries as suggested solutions try I cannot get the screen to display anything other than white

I have tried it on a uno and mega board with same white screen

I have even purchased a second screen in case it was a faulty screen and I get the same white screen

I have spent ( wasted ) many hours over the past 3 days trying to get this to work without luck

Manufacturers should not be allowed to sell hardware without providing links to the basic libraries for their hardware to work this trial and error approach is totally unprofessional.

Anyone who has been able to get their screens to work and who can assist me I would be very greatful for your help

I can be called / sms’d on 0414 228 948 if that is easier for you.

Hi Claude,

I can’t see a TFT with that type of connector in our range - what device is it?

Sorry I did not buy it from you directly, i hopers this forum was for overall support form arduino not only for in this case Tft screens purchased from you.

It’s more-so, what technical data is available for it? Have you engaged the vendor for support? What did they say?

I tried the JayCar provided library from one of the support pages without any luck

Spoke to J Car Support and sadly they advised they did not have the tech support to offer to advise what the issues where, so that leacve me up in the air