Adafruit PiTFT 2.2 hat with Pi 4


I recently purchased the Adafruit 2.2 inches (no touch) hat and added it on top of my Pi 4.
I was able to follow and complete all instructions from their page without any issues.
However, the screen is always in bland white.
I tried all 3 options in their setup script (to set the screen up as a console, HDMI mirror, or none). Nothing works.

At one time, when it was in the HDMI mirror mode, it shows something like this:

However, at the next reboot, it got back to this:

Please help!!!

Thank you,

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I’ve tried a few times with different screens and ended up with a white screen as well. Tried reaching out for help but no one responded. In the end I gave up on getting a 2.2 inch screen working with my raspberry pi. I honestly think it’s a driver issue or configuration issue but it’s hard to tell since no one wants to support it.


Hi Hitokiwi,

The follow-up is missing from the forums, but Peter got in touch with us via email we went down a warranty pathway.

For Adafruit products like this one, Adafruit support forums are a great first port of call, as you can get in touch directly with the engineers who designed the product!

If you’re having a problem with something, make a post and we’ll jump on it :slight_smile: