2.9 Flexible Monochrome eInk / ePaper Display - 296x128 Monochrome (ADA4262)

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Woah, the cyber-future is here! Flexible E-Ink has been demo’d at high tech events for years but now you can actually get your paws on it. This display is true E-Ink … read more

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I have a question about the Flexible ePaper Display, what is everything I need to make it work?

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Hi Leon,

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Usually all of the parts can be found with a few clicks around the product pages and guides, it can be a bit daunting at first so lets narrow things down :smiley:

Along with the display you’ll need something to power it and provide some other supporting circuitry, for that grab the eInk Breakout Friend(You’ll have to do some soldering to get connected), something to communicate to the breakout with (in the form of a microcontroller) capable of running the Arduino or CircuitPython language - options include; the Metro, the Raspberry Pi Pico or Raspberry Pi SBC and some bits and bobs to connect everything - a USB data cable, jumper wires and a breadboard.

There are some other easier to use ePaper/eInk displays on Cores website that are a bit easier to use but not flexible, is there any reason in particular why ypu opted for this one?