2 x 18650 Battery Holder with DC2.1 Power Jack (FIT0538)

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The 18650 lithium battery is a commonly used lithium battery in electronic products. It is often used in batteries of laptop computers and power banks. 18650, which…

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Hi James
While on the subject of battery holders. I have a couple of 18650 holders. a single and a double , the double has a plug on the end of a couple of unidentified wires and a + and - moulded in the bottom of the holders. These are the same way around which is pretty ordinary for 2 cells which are supposed too be in series. Closer inspection reveals a faint + and - which is the correct orientation but pretty faint and I did not see this at first. Also I will pretty much defy anyone to fit an 18650 cell into this holder whether it has a cell protection device fitted or not (I have both). A solder tag type cell might fit, I have not tried yet.

I think (in all fairness I might not have) I purchased this from Core as it is the same as FIT0538. Even in the pic on Core product page you cans the heavily moulded + and - symbol in the bottom, one of these has to be wrong.
Cheers Bob

Hi Bob,

I’ve moved your post over to the relevant product thread for clarity in the other one.

Seems the markings conflict with how the cells are inserted in the picture! I’ll pull one from the shelf to confirm how it is wired, and how a cell goes in. In my experience 18650 holders are MUCH tighter than AA holders or the like (perhaps due to the volatile nature of LiPos). I’ll update our product page with my findings too

Hi James
Thanks for that. I thought my reply might be in the wrong place. I think you might fit an 18650 cel into this without the metal bits at the end but as it stands, no way. I have a cell without the discharge protection and this goes nowhere near it either.
From what I have here the AA holders suffer from the same problem. Lipos just don’t seem to fit.
Cheers Bob