2017, What a Blast!

There were so many glorious moments throughout 2017 and there are just a couple that I caught on camera.

Here we have Aidan, Royden and Gorden on the morning after Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless launch in Australia - they are waiting in anticipation for the order count after 12 hours of Raspberry Pi Zero W being available. Needless to say, Aussie makers were thrilled with the news that this "vapourware" hardware was now reliably available in this region. What happens in the video really does sum up how much work we had cut out for us!

Our Kickstarter, Infinity Mirror Kit, was a huge success thanks to makers around Australia that supported us. We've gone through another two production runs since, which have put our laser cutter through its first paces. A real team effort all round.

Throughout 2017, we held many workshops at our new location. I've been to all of them and am powered by those "ah ha" moments that new makers get all the way through these courses.

While there were many other moments throughout the year, I'll finish on Maker Faire Adelaide. It was so good to catch up with fellow makers and talk shop about the projects we had on display along with what they had been up to themselves.

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