Help With Raspberry Pi Zero W

When I got home today my raspberry pi zero stopped working. it was hot as hell.
Please help :>

Hey Rhys, what was it doing while you were away from home? Do you have any photos of how it was set up?

When you stay stopped working - what precisely do you mean?

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it was just my VPN server, there’s no photos on it at all

Ah I said photos of it.

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I will need to wait until I’m home

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Hey Rhys,

Sounds like your Pi either has some kind of short or is being loaded for an extended period of time with insufficient cooling. Does the Pi have plenty of space around it and any active cooling? Also, if you’ve got an IR thermometer, I find that they’re very useful for checking the rough temperature of IC to determine exactly where the board is heating from.

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it had heaps of space around it but no active cooling.
the part that is getting hot is the CPU I think it’s called.

If you’re running a Zero for a long time under heavy load (such as running OpenVPN or similar constantly with ‘high’ network traffic) then I would recommend at least having some passive cooling such as an aluminium case or similar. If you’re able to, can you send through some pictures of the setup? I’m curious to see why it’s heating up so much.

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The OTG cable was used for a slideshow but used rarely.
also, the green led no longer turns on when powered on