The Raspberry Pi Zero W is HERE!

Let this sink in a moment: The Raspberry Pi Zero W is here, in Australia! We offer express post Australia-wide; You could have one in your hands on Friday. We are now official Pi Zero resellers for the Raspberry Pi Foundation in Australia AND New Zealand.

Yep, that's Michael in the above photo and we're truly excited with this news! The Pi Zero W is an absolute game-changer - a powerful processor with WiFi and Bluetooth on-board make it an electronics-project-powerhouse.

The last 30 days at Core Electronics have been crazy in preparation for this news! We were sworn to secrecy and had thousands of Raspberry Pi Zero W's / accessories turn up just in time for the Australia-wide launch. There have even been a few secret Pi Zero projects and tutorials in the works to help get you started if you're looking for some inspiration. We've been packing hundreds of Pis so they're ready to post and somehow, we've still managed to keep up with our day-to-day orders and support.

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More stock just arrived, enjoy!

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