24V Wind Generator for Home DC Power

Hi Oliver,

This is my test bench that I am using for a 24V wind generator that I want to build, although I want to build a larger on than this and it was built to sort out any problems before building the larger one.

It is quite a simple set up, with the generator producing from 0 - 20V depending on speed but no amperage. I am fairly sure that I have the 0 -100V voltmeter and the 0 - 100A ammeter as you have drawn in option 2 on your website.

Yesterday I decided to add the negative wire to the meter, with the meter now earthed out the meter now reads amperage and volts but the generator is still. The voltage controller says it is charging but nothing is turning?

Can you please lead me in the right direction.


Hi Brett,

I believe this is the product you’re using?

Ordinarily the current shunt would go between your system ground and your ground connection from the load you’re measuring, but in this case I suspect that’s not practical because your earth is probably bussed inside your charge controller (although of course I can’t confirm).

Also note that while this product has a negative lead for the voltage measurement you should not connect this to anything, as it’s only for use if powering the display from a completely independent power source.

I’d suggest setting it up as follows:

Note that this will create a very slight negative voltage point in your system. If your generator body is electrically connected to ground, you will need to provide electrical isolation in your generator mounting (it looks like you’ve got it mounted on conductive metal so this will be important).

Setting it up this way will mean you will get a slightly different voltage reading on the voltage display to what your batteries are seeing, but it should only be in the sub-volt range.

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