Dual digital display dc voltmeter & ammeter 0-100v 0-10a

Hi, I’m using a DUAL DIGITAL DISPLAY DC VOLTMETER & AMMETER 0-100V 0-10A on an old ATX power supply to display the volts 3, 5 and 12V dc (via a rotary switch) and current (via the power supply common(assuming), not ideal as it’ll show total current if more then one voltage level is use.

While I’ve watched a few Youtube tutorials and read the products docs on wiring , i’m unsure if i’m connecting it correctly.

red (thin) to +5v
black (thin) to common of power supply or insulated as the black (thick) is the common??

Yellow (thick) to rotary switch common and +3, +5 and +12 on individual positions
Red & Black (thick) in series with load and power supply common

Hi John,

You need to power the meter using 4.5V-30V DC on the thin red and black wires.

You need to connect the the thick red wire to your voltage selector switch, and then collect the yellow and black thick wires between ground and the return from the connector connected to what ever load you are powering.

Support | Core Electronics


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Awesome , Thanks for that

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