JST connector Kit (2.54mm) (FIT0255)

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This kit includes JST XHP-2, XHP-3 and XHP-4 housing (20 units each), through-hole type shrouded header (20 units each) and crimp contact (100 units).

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Hi, this product is listed as being a JST XH connector of pitch 2.54mm. But the manufacturer lists XH connectors as being a 2.5mm pitch (and Wikipedia as 0.98in). http://www.jst-mfg.com/product/detail_e.php?series=277

On your page about JST connectors you list this difference (2.50mm vs 2.54mm) as being significant. https://core-electronics.com.au/tutorials/what-is-a-jst-connector.html

Which one is correct? Is this product compatible with all other XH connectors?

Hey Samuel,

Thanks for getting in touch!

These JST connectors are the standard 2.54mm pitch JST-XH connectors that fit standard perfboards and standard PCB boards.

There are both 2.5mm and 2.54mm pitch JST-XH connectors available, however these ones are the 2.54mm option.

Thanks Aidan. Could you please provide a link to full physical schematics for this 2.54mm variety?
All I can find online is the 2.5mm variety: http://www.jst-mfg.com/product/pdf/eng/eXH.pdf
Also, does the pitch difference affect the way the connectors mate, or only the PCB-mounted side of the socket?

I am having difficulty finding the 2.54mm schematic for these connectors, unfortunately. The pitch difference doesn’t affect the way the connectors mate either. As long as you are using matched JST connectors, they will match up when connecting them.

Hi Aidan
I have been searching for some JST XH connectors and came across this one and subsequently this post.

What a load of garbage. How can you have a “Standard 2.54mm” pitch and a “Standard 2.5mm” pitch all calling themselves JST XH. One or the other please.
During my searching I came across a Wikipedia article which has a bit of a chart:

Now this has a PDF linked at the right hand side:

When looking at this you will see a tolerance of +/- 0.05mm but it also says that this is “non cumulative” which means the tolerance from a datum point to any pin is 0.05mm, not between all pins. So the 2.54mm pitch would only be in tolerance for the 2 pin connector.

My question is, how can this item be sold as XH connectors when it obviously isn’t. I agree the sensible thing to do would be to stick with the tried and proven 2.54mm but who are we mortals to judge. Try fitting one of these to a perf board. You will get away with 2 pins but any other gets a bit interesting.
I did see a statement some time ago where it was said it was ok to use 2.54mm pitch mating with 2.5mm pitch up to about 4 pins and all would be ok. This is NOT ok. In my world 2.54mm and 2.5mm are NOT interchangeable. Try it over several centimetres and you will get the picture
Cheers Bob