3.5" TFT display settings


I’m after a bit of help I have spent hours but can’t quite find the answer.

I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W which I have attached a 3.5" TFT LCD screen to. I want to run retropie which I have installed and I have the screen working with retropie. I would like to run the dimensions/aspect ration of a 2.8" screen inside my 3.5" screen. (the screen needs to fit in a particular spot) I have played around with theses current settings to no avail. I believe the size of the 2.8" screen is 240 x 320. can anyone help with what settings I may need.



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Hi Daniel,

Those tiny screens tend to work over SPI via the 40-pin header rather than HDMI, so HDMI config probably won’t do what you expect. Could you let us know which screen you are using (SKU or link)?

Hi James thanks for the reply.

The screen on the left is the one I was using until I accidentally broke the screen but have a spare in the one on the right which I will try and use.



Hi Daniel
If you look closely at your “spare” markings you will see it does indeed use SPI. Also The splurge and the pin layout say it plugs straight onto an Arduino of the UNO style. You would have to do a bit of fiddling to connect it to RPi I think.
Cheers Bob