32x16 LED matrix not working

I cant get this 32x16 led matrix to work. I have used the example code from the LEDmatrix library and i think I’ve connected all of the pins properly into an arduino uno, I’ve also tried an Arduino mega with its correct pins and yet it still doesn’t work. sometimes only every second row of pixels work and they don’t even show the right thing.

Hi Addison, Welcome to the forum!

Can you link us to the display and library you were using? If you can also do a quick diagram or better photo of your wiring that’ll help too, we can give it a second set of eyes!


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Heres the link: 32x16 RGB LED Matrix Panel (6mm pitch) | DFRobot DFR0471 | Core Electronics Australia
Ive wired it all up to the DFrobot specs

and it still doesnt work, ive just bought a raspberry pi zero to make it easier to program and to make it a little less bulky, once i get it all hooked up on that ill see if it works or not.

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