32x192 led matrix

I have 12pcs of the 32x64Led matrix boards. I am trying to set up three in a line to make an RGB light that is 32x192 led matrix.

All i need is to make them switch to my basic colour of choice…Ieam no good at code, or even what I am supposed to find… but f there is any help I would really appreciate it

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Hi Andrew,

Welcome to the forum!!

Just to confirm did you have the screens here: https://core-electronics.com.au/64x32-rgb-led-matrix-panel-4mm-pitch.html

Taking a look over on the forum it looks like they are using an Arduino Mega to control the LED’s, in the code changing the width to 192 should let you cascade the displays.

Then in the loop function change the code to

  matrix.fillRect(0, 0, matrix.width(), matrix.height(), matrix.Color333(<YOUR RGB VALUE HERE>));

Keeping the delay in there to make sure the display remains set is good practice.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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you can simple use arduino uno to drive the led matric, there is no need of hard coding it is quite simple you would love it

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Hi Muhammad,

Unfortunately the Uno cuts it a bit close in regards to RAM when trying to create the matricies in software. The Mega boasts a bit more flash and is able to store more pixels.

Definitely, there are so many things you can do dynamically with the LED matrix displays!

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