3D Print Argon One M.2 Case


I have just completed an review of the Argon on one M.2 Case.

My pet problems with this case is Air Flow an no access to the SD Card Slot once the Case is closed.

My Question is would it be LEGAL to produce an 3D Print to replace the product bottom of the case providing better Air Flow and access to the SD Card???

Geographe, Western Australia, 6280


Hey Michael,

It’s likely best not to ask on public forums about legalities as anyone can reply or adapt quotes to seem like they’re legitimate. I’m not an IP specialist myself, although generally when it comes to creating personal 3D printed designs for modifying your own there are not many situations where it becomes a legal concern.

However, if you then share your designs commercially (or just publically) depending on the licensing that Argon has over the design of their case then you may run into issues there. It should be listed online or you can request it from them directly. Unfortunately, we’re not able to directly answer these types of questions on forums.

Best of luck with the project!

Hi Michael,

For personal use, you’re likely fine:

Sharing the design on something like Thingiverse, given its a modification, might ok but if you really want to be safe I’d consult a legal professional. The other half of the question is will someone come after you for it - it honestly doesn’t make sense to me that Argon40 would try to chase down an enthusiastic customer - especially since a replacement base is useless without buying a case from Argon40 first it’s not going to negatively impact their bottom line.

Here’s an interesting submission to the ACCC on aftermarket products in the automotive market:

It’s a hot button topic at the moment, particularly with regards to the right to repair movement.