Argon NEO Raspberry Pi 4 Case (CE06587)

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This case features minimal aluminum design complete with passive cooling and sliding magnets the perfect case for your Pi.

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ok i have selected my case for the nano sound my plan is to fit or bore a hole through the middle plate of the nanosand case…

fit it with a 40x40x10 noctura fan in the middle plate and also on the lower side of the case ad my m2 sata bridge and place 4x standoffs x 12 mm high and bolt my m-2 to the bottom of it… prolly find a nice black case in the range so add that to my list as well i have a few here but not shore of weather to take my case into j-car and mix and match…im just going to make a regulator and feed it 12 volts and run a reg with a pwm drive and digita lcd l.c.d. tacho with an aurdino mounted inside the top i can store sketches on my ssd and rpi-4..and load themb as i please anything that runs on my l.c.ds etc.etc …a lot of dream building for this case… on the top of that …i found several sketch programs last night, a few hours work…

I have this case and really like it. But will the Pimoroni Unicorn HAT HD fit? As in, will the lid still close/go over it if I want to take the Pi with me? Anyone knows?

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Hello 32South,

We’ve quickly assembled that HAT into the NEO case and it just fits with the lid closed. Keep in mind it’s only the magnets holding it on so it may fly off if it gets significantly jostled around, but should protect the unicorn HAT well.

Ha, awesome! Thanks for doing that and letting me know. I don’t plan on traveling the world with it or anything like that, but it is for those “just in case” moments. I have some other bits and pieces to sort out and will put in an order hopefully this weekend! :slight_smile: :+1:

Is this case compatible with pi juice hat ?
1/ will the pi juice fit inside with out risk of shorting pins, and
2/ will the temperatures adversely affect the battery

Is the Neo case compatible with the DF Robot UPS Hat? (SKU: DFR0494)

My use case is just for graceful shutdown if main power is lost.
Is there any existing software for the DF Robot UPS hat that implements safe shutdown?
(no mention of this in the product description)


Hi, I have a question about this case. I intend to mount this upside-down, on the underside of a desk, and I notice the lid is magnetic. My question is, are the magnets strong enough to hold the lid on when it is upside down?

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Welcome Adam!

Alongside the magnets there’s a small clasp to keep the lid from falling.
As long as there arent any sudden jolts in this direction:

The lid should happily stay put!

Thank you for the detailed response Liam, much appreciated!
With the RPi4B 8gb now in stock, think I will be buying one of these shortly.