3mm Hexagonal Shaft Adapter for LEGO® Wheels (Pair) (POLOLU-1011)

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This adapter allows 3mm hexagonal shafts, the kind found on many Tamiya gearboxes, to be connected to LEGO’s wide variety of high-quality wheels. The adapters are sold in pairs.

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Can you tell me the the outer dimension of the shaft adapter SKU-Pololu-1011.

Also, will the splines + fit to a Lego Actuator?

Many thanks


Hey John, Welcome to the forum!

The cross-shaped shaft end should definitely fit into an actuator, if this part is what you’re talking about:

I’ve measured the cylindrical section, and it’s about 6.6mm if that helps.

Let me know if you need any more measurements!

Many thanks for the measurements James. Just what I needed to know.

I will get back on your site and make an order.

Thanks again.