Looking for Replacement Part

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a replacement part for my Daughter’s LittleBits R2D2 model. She dropped it and snapped the drive shaft. I have contacted Sphero support in America and they want to see if I can source something locally before they have to try to send one from America to Australia.

It appears as if it was close to 12cm long and seems to resemble a Lego technic’s axel shaft as well.

Any idea’s would be appreciated.

Chris McHugh

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I just found this on the American Sphero site: littleBits Replacement Small Plastics – Sphero

Anyone know if it would be the right length?

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Hmm, hard to say for sure, but it might be. Looks like those R2D2 kits were sold by Officeworks and some other big retailers according to my quick googling, but as a result spares will probably be hard to track down.

If a lego axle is compatible, there’s heaps available on eBay, so it’s probably worth a shot. Worst case you end up with more lego, and that’s always a good thing :wink:

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Hey Chris,

I agree with Oliver, do you have the rough dimensions of the axle you’ve got? I’ll see what we can do :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I found a small lego axle but sadly it isn’t the same shape and doesn’t fit.

I’ve asked the rep from Sphero for the official length of the piece but from my estimation it’s about 12cm.

I’d even be happy with a 3D model of it for 3D printing, doubt I would find one though…

Hi all
Not much use having ROUGH dimensions. What’s wrong with ACCURATE dimensions. A better chance of finding what you need then.
Cheers Bob

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The broken off bit got stuck in the wheel and got mutilated when trying to get it out, so I’m not sure how much of it is missing… If someone else has the kit and could measure the axle for me then we could have an ACCURATE dimension…

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try here

i think this will do fine…

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here to find a rep in au… since core sell teir gear they should be able to get one in for you…?

SKU: 660-0596

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Hey did you manage to find the parts? I am also after the axle. I can find the wheels just not the same broken bit! If you could point me in the right direction that would be great.

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