4G Iot with Industrial Rated Level Transmitter 4~20mA

Im developing a solution for a portable, 4g capable remote Level Transmitter.
I will be using an industrial rated transmitter that uses 4-20~mA.

The system will have a 12v power supply.

Here is my shopping list so far
Arduino MKR NB 1500 SKU ABX00019
Arduino MKR Connector Carrier SKU ASX00007
Gravity: Analog Current to Voltage SKU SEN0262
DC-DC Adjustable Step Down SKU CE07271
Dipole Antenna SKU X000016
DHT22 Sensor
Grave Cables SKU SS110990031

I have spent most of my time playing with Arduino. I am tying to keep the cost to a minimum whilst still making it easy to swap out components if they happen to fail.

Is there any options that would provide the same functionality? Better? at a similar price?

Ben Wall


Hi Ben,

Everything looks like a fairly cost-effective setup to me, for common Arduino boards like the UNO and MEGA there are 3rd party compatible boards available which are a bit cheaper but we don’t have 3rd party equivalents for the MKR series boards.

One question that did spring out to me was why the Grove cables SKU SS110990031? The Gravity converter uses a 3-pin connector.
All of that gear should work with your common 0.1" 2.54mm pin pitch prototyping cables so it should be pretty flexible to get it all connected.