4-20mA sensors datalogger using arduino

Hi Core Electronics team,

I have a project where I am to receive up to 4 4-20mA inputs from a varety of pressure, flow and temperature sensors. I am to accurately log the received data against time.

I have done a similar project to this in the past but I am looking to upgrade to a better system. In the past I used hardware from coreelectronics: gravity: Analog current to voltage coverter (for 4-20mA application) with an arduino.

I sent the data to excel using the PLX-DAC excel add in. this worked well though I had to add a few capacitors to filter/condition the signal and the excel did crash expectantly during operation.

As said I plan to upgrade this system, I was hoping for recommendations for hardware and software to produce an accurate reliable data logger, ideally I have to add anything to filter the signal that is the hardware does that for me.

Thanks in advance