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I am looking for a board to interface with an Embedded PC -( Single Board) protocol for communication RS232 or RS485

want i need is as follows

8 x Digital Inputs
8 x Analogue Inputs ( 4-20ma)
4 x Relay or Solid State outputs

with wired terminal connection points to the board for the various sensor we wish to connect -
Supply Voltage 9-30vdc

ideally with low current consumption less than 100ma

can you please provide feedback to me in an email

thanks you Damien

Try the Advantech ADAM modules (http://www.advantech.net.au/products/rs-485-i-o-modules-adam-4000/sub_1-2mlkht) or the Moxa remote I/O modules.

Hi there, I have aPiico bme280 sensor, can I use this with a 5v arduino uno or do I use a logic
Level convertot, thanks Martin.

Hello, I have spoken to trench earlier today regarding a Peltier tile and our project. What we want to do is basically boost the voltage that is produced from the Peltier tile when heat is applied. We were wondering which voltage regulator would best suit our situation. Our Peltier tile produces around .8V and we want to amplify it to a more usable voltage.

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