4G Raspberry Pi

Hey Brains Trust.

Been looking into getting 4G connected to my Raspberry PI. General idea of making a mobile TTN Gateway. I can see four different ways to skin this cat.

  1. Expansion hat
  2. Tethered mobile phone (USB or iPhone wifi hotspot?)
  3. USB Dongle
  4. Ethernet (for a 3B+) connection to a 4G router

Anyone had some experience or thoughts/recommendations?

Hi Peter,

Graham created a mobile TTN Gateway for a recent hackathon here in Newcastle (we came second place). That project gave birth to our uGateway. We used a USB dongle to provide internet to the Gateway and it worked great! Some dongles don’t work directly with a Pi though, so do your research before you buy. Tethering a phone is by far the simplest solution.