Create Mobile Proxy Using Raspberry Pi 5


I want to use my RPI 5 as a mobile proxy server, the tutorial online i found does not provide any clear instruction and wondering if anyone here willing to help.

I already have a sim card and PI ready but unsure what else I need.



Hi frenox,


Would it be possible to explain what you are trying to do in simpler terms?
If you are after a hardware solution to provide internet for non-4g enabled devices I’d search google for things like ‘raspberry pi mobile access point’


Hi Liam,

yes so i want to have the RPI connected to mobile internet, then turn it into a proxy like squid proxy (i think it acts as a gateway for a web request) that i can use on my scraper.

I think what is possible is have the RPI connected with USB mobile modem, and make it accessible via mobile internet IP.

I hope it help explains what I am looking for.


Hi @frenox264370 - i think the reson this thread is not attracting much attention is that it’s a little tricky to interpret how the system is intended to work. As best as i can guess you intend for the pi to act as an access point that routes all traffic through a proxy? If so, this project looks promising.

Things that will help us help you:

  • A diagram showing the topology and what is going on.
  • Resources you’ve already found
  • steps you’ve already taken
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Hi Michael,

Thank you for your reply.

I am not 100% sure how it will work as I am still researching on it as well.
But I have come across these 2 links that somewhat reflects my aim.

What I assume is that I can have the raspberry Pi connected with USB cellular modem and also connected to local network (via wifi or ethernet) then through my modem i can reserve a port for routing to the RPI in which case the Pi process the requests using the IP from the cellular and return back the response, in which case it acts as a HTTP request proxy i think?

I hope it help explains what I am looking for.


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It looks like we arrived at the same project :slight_smile:
It’s probably worth starting there and seeing what limitations you encounter - building the functionality incrementally

There are plenty of VPN projects out there to follow but I don’t think my networking-foo is strong enough to tell you whether your project is possible or how to do it. Perhaps somebody else on the forums can weigh in?


That is good to know!

and yes looking forward for any update, i’ll share whenever i find something as well

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