5M RGB LED Strip - WS2812 60 Per Meter - White Strip - Weatherproof (CE04854)

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This is a roll of addressable (WS2812) RGB LEDs. Each LED has a built-in controller chip which allows you to daisy-chain the LEDs and control them individually - all from a single GPIO!

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Hey, what is the difference between a WS2812 and WS2812B strips? They’re both neo pixels right?

Hi Steven,

The WS2812B is an upgraded version of the WS2812. It includes a reverse current protection circuit, higher brightness and a change in the internal structure. You can find the technical details here:

Functionally, they are the same and are used on NeoPixels strips. So any NeoPixel library will work. You likely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two unless they were side by side.


I looked at our strips and they are actually WS2812B exactly the same as Neopixels.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted to know. I’m coming back you way next week, could I pop in and pickup a few things up in my way home if I order on the site first?

Hi Steven,

That’s a good question! We’re an online-only store, based in Newcastle, so we don’t have a ‘retail’ shopfront (where you can walk in and purchase over the counter). However, we do have a pickup option available to Newcastle locals. To access it, simply enter a local postcode during checkout and it will appear as a shipping method! Keep in mind that your order will be put into our pick process like all the rest, it may take some time to process it. It’s best to wait until we email you to say that it’s ready before you swing by!

See you soon!

These are individually addressable? How bright are they outdoors in daylight? I have an RGB LED project where I need bright LED’s in daylight.

Hi Douglas,

They are addressable, and they would be visible in the daytime, but they would not appear “bright” in the sunlight. Each LED is about .3W, and a household LED light is about 8W. The combined brightness of the strip might be similar to a household bulb. They look great at night though, but they can’t compete with the sun!

Hey, just wondering, if this is addressable individually. Also once it is programmed does it save the program automatically?

Hey Samik,
Yep, you can control each pixel individually. The controller built into the strip doesn’t save anything, however. You can control it using a single GPIO from an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, that’s where your program would be saved.
This quickstart guide should give you an idea of how it works. That one is for Arduino but there’s links to tutorials for other microcontrollers on that page as well.

Thanks Nick, also would I be able to control two seperate LED strips from the single Arduino Uno board?

Hey Samic,

As long as the Arduino has enough GPIO and the networking of the connections is correctly organized but you should be able to perform that task almost seemlessley (it will only become an issue with a large number of networked strips). Have a great day!

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Hello. I am looking at looking at picking up this led strip. 5M RGB LED Strip - WS2812B 60 Per Meter - White Strip - Weatherproof | Core Electronics Australia

Do you guys have a suitable controller for the individual addressable strip? I did some research but couldn’t see any.
Thank you.

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Hi Luke,

I’d take a look at the two options below, we don’t have anything turn-key, but many options for DIY:



curious if/how 2 or 3 of these join together and how seamless that is.

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Welcome to the forum Joseph!

There’s a couple ways you could go about it.

The first, using the pre-connected JST-SM connectors

Connecting these two will leave around a 10-15cm gap.

Another method would be removing the weatherproof sheath and soldering directly to the FPCB strip, this wont leave a gap but at the cost of a small amount of defusion from the sheath.