5M RGB LED Strip - WS2812B 30 Per Meter - White Strip - Weatherproof (CE04853)

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This is a roll of addressable (WS2812B) RGB LEDs. Each LED has a built-in controller chip which allows you to daisy-chain the LEDs and control them individually - all from a single GPIO!

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what is the width of the 5M RGB LED Strip - WS2812B

once programmed does the strip save the program without needing to be connected?

is there any device that could make the control of the LED strip compatible with a remote control?

thank you, good sir

Hi shamilla,

The strip is approximately 10mm wide. The strip is not able to be programmed, it must always be connected to a device that is controlling it.

The simplest place to start to control these is an Arduino Uno. You can write the code to control the LEDs onto that: