5M RGB LED Strip - WS2812B 30 Per Meter - Black Strip - Weatherproof (CE04856)

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This is a roll of addressable (WS2812B) RGB LEDs. Each LED has a built-in controller chip which allows you to daisy-chain the LEDs and control them individually - all from a single GPIO!

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What connetors are needed to connect to the strips?


Are these suitable?

2, 3, and 4 pin connectors are available.

Thanks Robin, not sure they look like they might be looking at the pictures though.

Hey Geoff,

I just tested one of those 3-pin connectors in the RGB strip, they are the same connector so that will suit.

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Thanks Nick,
I have a couple on order :slight_smile:


Is there any way of adding the pigtails to the “Related Items” tab of the product description? Perhaps something to take up with Graeme?

Very good idea Robin, that would have saved me a bit of time, thanks for your help.

Hey Geoff and Robin,

I’ll put that on our to do list now, great suggestion.

Have a great day and a Happy New Year!

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Is it possible to cut these strips to length, attach a new connector to the offcut, and still address the LEDs as expected for each smaller strip?


Hi Tim,

Yes, absolutely. As long as each individual WS2812 chip has a connection for +5v, Ground, and Data In, it will work, and as long as the Data Out of one chip connects to another chip’s Data In, they will work in a chain of any length.

The biggest limitation is for very long strips - the high current needed to power large strips can result in significant voltage drop, to the point that they won’t work correctly near the end of a very long strip without additional connections along the power and ground rails.