6V 6W Solar panel - 6.0 Watt SKU: ADA1525

Does anyone know if this solar panel will work on 90 degree angle?
I am curious to know if it can generate sufficient DC voltage even when installed on 90 degree angle (directly attach the solar panel on the bollard).

Hi Ray,

It still should generate a voltage yes, the problem will be for how long a period the lighting will be optimal. As the sun rises through the day and the ‘angle of attack’ changes so that more light is being refracted away by the surface, it should lower the amount of power being generated quite significantly. If you’re curious about the optimal angle to mount solar panels in Australia and how much of a difference it will make I’d take a look at the link below, it’s a good starting point to start researching how much of a loss you’ll get, but it’s quite situational, so some experimenting in both location and mounting angle is needed in order to get some valid data for your particular application.

But depending on what you’re using the solar panel to power, and whether you’ve got any battery capacity available to store excess, that shouldn’t be a major concern. All the best with your project!

Why the tilt and direction of your solar panels matter - Solar Choice.

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