8BitDo Joystick Rubber Replacement - Black (2 PCS) (CE08220)

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“8BitDo Joystick Rubber Replacement - Black (2 PCS)”

Joystick rubber replacements for your SN30 Pro, SN30 Pro+ and Pro2.

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Hi. I have a PowerA wireless controller that my daughter has broken a control stick. Will this item be a suitable replacement?
Thanks, Craig

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Hi Craig,

Welcome to the forum!!

Unfortunately, I’m unable to confirm, there are a few different analog control sticks on the market and the keying can be different between manufacturers.

If you take apart the controller and grab a photo of the keying we can confirm on our end!

Hi all
I think there could be a bit of confusion here. The title and the fact there are no returns would suggest these are only the rubber covers for the actual joystick and the price would help to substantiate this.

BUT the CoreElectronics text says “These replacement joysticks” would seem to indicate they are the complete joystick. I think Liam has gone for the complete joystick approach.

Perhaps Liam (who I think is a Core employee, (little shield)) who probably has access to this item could clarify…
Cheers Bob

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Hi Bob,

I can confirm that these are just the rubber covers, I’ll add a note to update the product page!

In regards to keying - I was trying to refer to the shape of the ‘shaft’ on the joystick itself.

Here’s a photo of one of the replacement rubber joysticks!


Hi Liam

Thought that might have been the case. I think you need to do a bit of editing. Very confusing.
I think Craig is saying his daughter has broken the actual joystick (rough daughter) in which case these covers are not going to fix it. He needs to replace the complete joystick or the broken bits if he can get them. I wouldn’t’t hold my breath on that likelihood so probably the complete thing.
Cheers Bob

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Thanks so much for the additional information gentlemen. Greatly appreciated.
I can confirm that only the joystick cover has been broken, so these look perfect for what I’m after.
At the price I will buy and give them a try!!