Setting up 8Bitdo SN30 Pro Wired Controller with Retropie

Need some help setting up a new joystick. I unplugged my old generic ps3 type joystick and plugged a wired 8bitdo sn30 pro joystick which it recognized as a gamepad. I mapped all the buttons I could apart from the hotkey button which for some reason it wouldn’t let me map as the usual start and select button combination. So its currently saying i don’t have one. In both the Retropie navigation screen and in the emulators such as Mame that i have tried the direction pad but not the analog joystick (have tried both left and right) works. I have tried clearing the config settings for the controller through retropie setup and remapping but this didn’t help.I have also tried updating the firmware but there seems to be no clear instructions that work for how to do this with the wired version of the controller, as there is also a lack of information for the wired controller available online. I am using retropie 4 4 with a pie 3b+. Have noticed that there are 4 lights at the bottom of the controller, only the first of which seems to be lit.