A quick goBILDA project

Howdy folks,

Just got the hardware finished off for some 3D printer mods using some goBILDA bits.

With some 3D printing, a couple of bearings and supporting tube the main assembly was complete. Throw on a load cell and I should be able to measure the weight of the spool accurately!

Overall the parts were machined super well, the fit was snug and the included STEP files made it easy to make an assembly in CAD before printing anything.

Some neat things in this quick assembly:

  • Using zip ties to hold together parts, each end-cap can accommodate 2 large zip ties to keep everything snug

I’ve still got to try and bring the load cell inside of the tube a bit more to decrease the moment on the load cell and mount - this wont affect measurement but doesn’t look as clean.


Hi Liam,

That’s a great little project!
Was it hard to calibrate the load cell/have you been able to verify how close it is measuring to external scales?


Hey Trent,

Still waiting on the Makerverse load cell to drop before starting on electronics+ software.

I envision a two point calibration with an accurate mass around the weight of an empty spool and the largest spool size that I have ~4kg.
Each with the assembly still attached.