Cool knick-knacks for your 3D printer

Hey all!

I just completed a couple small upgrades to my Ender 3 V2 that some might find handy:

If anyone has some must have upgrades they put together pop them down below and why you love them, also if you have any ideas for a 3D printed mod let me know and I’ll see what I can whip up!

PS: for those new in the 3D printing world, I cant stress how good Scott’s video is: First 24 Upgrades & Mods for my Ender 3 Pro - YouTube

One mod that I wouldn’t go near is modifying the power supply though, mains voltage is deadly!


Hey Liam,

Very nice! I assumed that you used Fusion for the design? I’ve been using Blender for a while now for my CAD projects which with the right extensions is surprisingly powerful given its main application for 3D design is not strictly for that application, MakerTales covers a series on this:

I agree, Scott’s video is excellent! I’ve used a few of his mods on my E3P and the improvement against the cost is stunning.


Hey Bryce,

Cheers! I’m actually using PTC CREO at the moment as we get it supplied by my Uni, I’ll probably make the conversion to Inventor soon though.

Blender looks perfect to make mesh modifications, the process in Fusion is quite tedious from what I remember!


Hi Liam,

I printed this reverse flow hotend cooler after some hot ABS melted my fan shroud :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As for other mods, I can’t emphasise enough how great a BLTouch and flex plate bed help ease along the printing process:

Happy printing!


Hey Liam,

Awesome modelling skills, that spool holder looks amazing!

I’m keen to see what else you come up with!


Hey James,

That shroud looks interesting, I haven’t made the leap into printing exotics myself but in the future I hope to make a RepRap style printer like Zack Freedman’s do it all (~Squirtspires~??) printer (the water cooling is interesting to say the least ahaha).

I can attest to the BLtouch being a very fine addition. The glass plate of the V2 and my impatience getting completed parts off that bed aren’t a great pair. The bed tramming sensor definitely helps a ton there but the glass finish off of glass in my opinion is quite nice.

Thanks Liam! I’ll be sure to keep my Thingiverse and Thangs account up to date with projects not to mention hopefully getting some bigger ones featured on the Core website.


Hi Liam,

I too would look into an e3d toolchanger if it wasn’t so damn expensive

The Voron 1.8 crowd is looking at building a toolchanger as well, doesn’t look quite as refined but could be promising in a while: WoodPecker V4.0 Toolchanger Voron1.8 : Full Cycle Demo ! - YouTube

Prusa is rumoured to be making a toolchanged CoreXY with the XL, but it doesn’t have an ETA yet.

Any reason why toolchanging appeals to you over MMU?

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Hey James,

Geeez $$$$$, that platform looks very refined though, I cant even imagine how many hours went into designing that.
Very interesting design, most of the tool-changers I’ve seen have used one of the sides rather than upwards.

Ideally, I’d like a single box that makes whatever I would like it to, CNC, 3D printing, etc in a variety of materials. Almost like a master box of prototyping. Of course this is a project that is way off but a big goal and lots more to learn before jumping into it.