Makerverse Load Cell Kit Guide | Measure Weights and Forces

Michael just shared a new tutorial: “Makerverse Load Cell Kit Guide | Measure Weights and Forces”

Introduction Welcome to the guide for the Makerverse Load Cell kit. With this hardware you will be able to make a set of scales capable of measuring weights up to 3kg with a precision as low as 0.1g!

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Hi Michael.
so that the screw terminal clamps to both the bare wire and the insulation
End quote

I am sorry but I don’t believe I read that. I checked and double checked and it is true. That is what is printed.

I have almost seen people sacked over this sort of thing. At best they got a quick lesson in reliable connections.
Cheers and pls revise or think before you print. Bob

Add on
Just had another look at this.
It gets worse. From the pics it looks as if you have tinned the wire !!! THAT is a definite no no.
Cheers Bob