About open-source mechanical keyboard

Hello everyone, I am a newbie mechanical keyboard enthusiast and would like to ask which open-source mechanical keyboard PCB files are more suitable for newbies who are interested in DIY mechanical keyboard programs.

Hey Annie,
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While we dont specialise in mechanical keyboards (though we do have some components that can be useful for them), I did find a great directory for a range of Mech Keyboards that could be useful for you and it seems that a lot of them have the necessary Gerber files that can aid you in getting one made.
Check it out and see if it is helpful for your next project!


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Thank you!!! Help a lot!

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Elecrow is currently doing a campaign on DIY mechanical keyboards, and they have also released an open source keyboard PCB file designed by Elecrow’s engineers. I think it would be a good reference for newbies.


Search github. There are plenty there like the discipline and bakeneko.
If someone need a mechanical keyboard, here have some good picks: Best Mechanical Keyboards 2023: 10 Picks for Gaming, Typing and Programming - pctechtest