Hot Swap PCB Problem

Hello, I’m interested in building my own mechanical keyboard. My issue is that I want a tactile keyboard, but I also want it to be wireless because I’m tired of all the cords. I decided that making my own wireless keyboard would be the best option because the available wireless keyboards aren’t thick enough for me. Is there a way to make my own that is wireless? Are there any components on web pages dedicated to mechanical keyboards that could be used to implement this idea?


Hi Dan,

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I haven’t seen much in the realm of DIY wireless keyboards - I’d say thats due to the smaller 2.4GHz receivers being a bit out of each for the hobbyist.

I came across this Repo that uses BLE - it would be a bit laggy though could work!
This Reddit thread is also super interesting :

Also a notable mention is Zack Freedmans MiRage keyboard: I Invented a Keyboard and Snapped it in Half (MiRage Mech Keyboard) - YouTube