Access Pi GPIO with a top HAT

Hi Guys,
Pretty new to all of this but looking to put a build together to create an NFC spotify player that displays the album image on a Matrix. I have a Pi 4 with a Waveshare NFC PN532 HAT got it all running. I am looking to add an Adafruit RGB HAT ontop of this to display images on a matrix, to me all of this should work with the only issue being scanning tags as its the middle HAT but thats fine.

The real issue I have is I want to be able to add buttons to pause/play/skip songs however by the looks of the Adafruit HAT it seems the GPIO pins are soldered down and therefore not able to plug anything into it. Is there anyway to still be able to access the pins or once that HAT is placed on top the GPIO is unaccessable?

Thank you for your help

Hi Aaron,

Is this the RGB HAT you were referring to?

If that’s the case, you can just pick up an extra-long header, solder it on, then have access to the pins :slight_smile: