Raspberry Pi - 2 hats

Hi all

Total newby here, what would i need to get a raspberry pi controller to run a 4g hat and a NFC hat at the same time?


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You only need to make sure that the GPIO pins (other than the bus based pins) are not doubled up on and you can stack as many as you want.

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First you need to see if the hats use the same pins, here’s a good place to start https://pinout.xyz/phatstack if they both use the I2C pins for I2C I2C at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout then it’s ok as long as they don’t have the same I2C address

Looking at these:

This NFC HAT for Raspberry Pi (PN532) | Waveshare | Core Electronics Australia looks like it can run off I2C so it should work with the aboce 4G hats (extra documentation here ) it’s a pitty Waveshare doesn’t have much on pinout.xyz :frowning_face:

Anyway, if you need more clearance for the pins on top of the 4G HAT you could use something like this Extended GPIO Female Header - 2x20 Pin (13.5mm/9.80mm) | Sparkfun PRT-16764 | Core Electronics Australia

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Hi Doug,

I’d visited pinout.xyz before but never used the pHAT stack configurator before. What a great tool!

While it isn’t a HAT I’d also suggest the PiicoDev RFID module as a potential reader as it uses I2C which is usually the go-to communication protocol for when your Pi is already wearing a HAT/ stacking HATs.

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Thank you so much! I will digest the information and have a crack once im comfortable with what i need…