Adafruit LoRa Radio FeatherWing - RFM95W 900 MHz (ADA3231)

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Add short-hop wireless to your Feather with these Radio Featherwings. These add-ons for any Feather board will let you integrate packetized radio (with the RFM69 … read more

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Are the RFM95W (915Mhz) LORA modules approved for use in Australia? The Description on your website refers to only Europe and “Americas”

We have industrial customers that design products for use all over the world and develop in controlled environments to do so. With that said, the RFM69 appears to be initialized at 915Mhz which is inside the 915-928Mhz LPID class license.

import adafruit_rfm69
rfm69 = adafruit_rfm69.RFM69(spi, cs, reset, 915.0)

If you are looking for something to use closer to home that doesn’t require as much consideration for setup, perhaps take a look at the Pycom LoPy4. It supports both LoRa and LoRaWAN, along with a whole lot more.