Adafruit NeoPixel UV LED Strip with 32 LED/m - White PCB - 1M (ADA3851)

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What new iteration of NeoPixel strip is this? Roll out the black light and disco ball! It’s an Adafruit NeoPixel Ultraviolet Strip with 32 LEDs per meter! Each order … read more

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Regarding the Adafruit UV LED Strip (SKU: ADA3851). I see that this requires a 5V power supply. Could you use the 5V pin of an Arduino Uno instead?

Hey Chris

The answer is yes, kinda. The current needed to run an Uno is fairly small compared to the ~2A that are needed for these lights so depending on the limits of the supply the Uno may struggle though if you get a supply that can handle the load you should be fine.

Hi @Core (or someone else), can I please get the emission spectrum of these LEDs?

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Hi Leon,

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There are some specs over on the WS2812b datasheet:

Before jumping into the emission spectrum I think it would be good to have a look at how an LED works internally, Colins lab notes has a great video here:LED voltages - Collin's Lab Notes #adafruit #collinslabnotes - YouTube

Some of the common frequencies of LED’s can be found on the Wiki page: RGB systems[edit] Combined spectral curves for blue, yellow-green, and high-brightness red solid-state semiconductor LEDs. FWHM spectral bandwidth is approximately 24–27 nm for all three colors.

Unfortunately I couldnt track down any specifics for the exact metals used in the LED’s that you are after though. There are some cool tutorials out there for measuring it manually but came across this sensor:


Thanks for the response Liam. Unfortunately nothing there was very new to me, except for the 24-27nm FWHM info. I’ll try contacting Adafruit directly.

Found this spec sheet on the Adafruit web page for this product Core are re-selling:

which says on page4 390-400nm (395nm peak). And apparently it uses Indium-Gallium-Nitride at the core.
Cheers yall


Hi Leon,

Glad you ended up finding the specs you needed.
I’ve added the datasheet you’ve linked to the product page so it will be there in the future for anyone else who needs it.


Hey Team,
If I wanted to power 2 of these strips with a battery pack, where would be the best place to start?

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Try this tutorial: