Adafruit NeoPixel UV LED Strip - SKU: ADA3851

I recently purchased this product and I’m having a little trouble getting it up and running. There isn’t much info on the Adafruit site. What is the best way to power these? Adafruit say a 5-6 V power supply. I’ve tried an Arduino Uno and a mains 5V power supply, but neither of them seem to work. Any suggestions for wiring/setup? Ideally I’d like to connect it to either an Arduino or Adafruit feather so I can use the Neopixel library.

Hi Chris,

You will need to power these with a mains power supply or a battery. You cannot power them through an Arduino or it will become damaged. These will not work without being controlled by an Arduino or other device. You can find everything you need to know about powering and controlling NeoPixels here:

These operate just the same as any other NeoPixel except that instead of RGB its UV, UV, UV and changing the level of each using the NeoPixel library just changes the brightness.

Hopefully that gets you started! Carefully follow the powering instructions in the guide I shared, they are delicate and can be easily damaged.

Thanks Stephen! I appreciate your help.

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