Adalogger M0 RTC?

I was thinking to put together a datalogger using the Adalogger M0 to record a triggered RS232 stream from a weighing scale,
but I need to have a RTC module too - I saw the Adalogger FeatherWing - RTC + SD Add-on
however both these units have a microSD slot on them - would this cause some conflict or will I have to fork out the extra to get the DS3231 Precision RTC FeatherWing instead?

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From my brief reading of the Adalogger M0 documentation, the onboard SD card is NOT connected to the header pins, but the CS pin is wired directly to the SAMD chip. So you should be able to use the RTC+SD feather wing without any problems. Means you could use either or both of the SD cards.

Copied from the AdaFruit tutorial:

Since not all pins can be brought out to breakouts, due to the small size of the Feather, we use these to control the SD card!

  • #4 - used as the MicroSD card CS (chip select) pin
  • #7 - used as the MicroSD card CD (card detect) pin. If you want to detect when a card is inserted/removed, configure this pin as an input with a pullup. When the pin reads low (0V) then there is no card inserted. When the pin reads high, then a card is in place. It will not tell you if the card is valid, its just a mechanical switch
  • #8 - This pin was also left over, so we tied it to a green LED, its next to the SD card. It might be handy to blink this LED when writing / reading valid data or some other user-alert!
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