Particle Board with SD card compatibility

Hi folks, novice here. I have a particle electron controlling an NCD 24 Relay board. The particle is logging relay status to a google spreadsheet which is handy for remote use but as a backup we need to log relay status to an SD card or similar. Can you recommend any hardware to achieve this? I’ve seen the adalogger, wondering if this would be compatible and how to connect it ie can this be used as an overlay shield? Cheers

Hey Joseph,

Yep, the Adalogger would be perfect in this situation.

This document, specifically the section on Storage should give you enough info to include some local storage in your project!

Hi Owen,

Thanks for the tip. Can the Adalogger be used with a Particle electron using stacking headers as per the last photo on the following link?


Hey Joseph,

Yep, that will work! Let us know if you have any more inquiries.


Thanks Owen, yeah I’ve just been looking for some info on how to configure the two devices ie ordering and pin alignment. Do you have any diagrams on this specifically for the adalogger and particle electron? Cheers.

Just as a follow up, the particle electron is controlling some automated relays on the following NCD relay shield.

Ideally if we can log data to an sd card whilst still maintaining cellular connection that would be great hence the use of a particle electron and if possible the adalogger. If there are other alternatives to this I’d be keen to hear them keeping in mind the use of the system remotely and without nearby wi fi. Cheers, Joe

Hi Joseph,

Another possibility is the LoPy4 (LoRA) or the Gpy(LTE) with theExpansion board that can accept an SD card.

Particle have an article about using the featherwing expansions with their boards.

Thanks Owen and Clinton, these are all great suggestions. We’ll likely incorporate these into the next iteration of the system but for now well have to stick with the particle electron without redundancy. Thanks again. Joe

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