Adding Neopixel to Costume

Hi - I am looking to add lights to a costume for a pole dance competition I have coming up. I’ve had a look and it looks like the Adafruit Flexible Wire Neopixel Strand is the best product for this.
However, what do I actually need to purchase to make these work? Do I need to know how to code?
All I want is for the lights to twinkle pink, purple and gold. What is the best way to achieve this and is it possible for a seriously beginner person to achieve???
I am more than capable of sewing to the garment, but to make the lights actually light up? That’s a different story :sweat_smile:
Jas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You have to use Adafruit flora or adafruit circuit playground express to control the neopixel. Yes, you will have to code. You can have an idea from this project: Overview | CPX Glowing Disembodied Hand | Adafruit Learning System
There are many more similar tutorials.