Adjustable test voltage supply for X0xbox

I am making a Willzyx X0xbox,

The instructions say I need an adjustable voltage supply to poke different voltages at various circuits during the build to test calibration.

Is this suitable for the job? and can I power it from a 9 volt battery or 12 volt power brick?


Hi Mike,

What kind of voltages to you have to plug in? I wasnt able to find the exact section of the instructions where it says that, could you please send some pictures of the manaul?

It should if your required inputs range from DC 1.23 V to 30V, a 9V battery might work depending on the current you are looking to pull through the board, I would go with the 12V power brick.


Hi Liam,
Cant send pictures, my phone isnt playing nice.

PDF manual p28, 34, 35. require 3VDC
p40 requires 2VDC and 3VDC, p41, 2VDC.
p48 requires 3VDC
p50 3VDC.

So looks like the should be fine?

Hey Mike,

That looks good, as long as you’re providing an appropriate input voltage and setup your adjustable supplies off the live circuit before adding them in (and they meet the limit of output current: 3A max) then you should be good to go :+1: