Adjustable Switching Power Supply Module IN 4V-35V OUT 1.5V-30V LM2596S (018-LM2596S)

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A versatile power supply DC-DC converter module that offers a wide range for both input voltage (4V-35V) and output voltage (1.23V-30V). Tabs on each side allow for the input / output leads to be easily soldered on.

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A practical board that has many uses, seems to be of good quality but i have only run it for about 100 hours so far. Make sure you set the required voltage before use.


Thanks Ben! Do you have this device operating close to its limits or just humming away with some light duty work?

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Hi, should this be adjustable via the potentiometer? I have two and both have a fixed output voltage regardless of turning the screw.

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Hi Gareth,

Yes they should adjust by turning the screw on the trim pot. These should take 20 turns to adjust from one end of the range to the other.

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OK, working great. There seems to be a bit of a dead zone in adjusting them but otherwise working great. More stable than the powered USB hub I have (which makes me disappointed in the hub purchase :P).


Will this convert a 24v source to correctly power a raspberry pi 4? Thanks.

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Hey Tom,

Welcome to the forum!

This regulator will be able to power the Pi. Out of the box, you won’t be able to plug it straight in. Using a multimeter to read the voltage and ensure that it is within the input range of the Pi 4’s USB power input and GPIO Power.

If you have any other questions let us know!


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Have to say these little PSUs are an absolute weapon. For the price, recommend having a few in the back pocket for rapid prototyping.

They have enough voltage flexibility and current to power most projects, at least until you can find a more suitable static supply.


Something weird with the ones I just got from Core.

My bench supply is 13.3V DC into the module. The output sits at 12.03V and will not adjust. I can’t believe all of them are crook!

I presume the hookup is pretty straightforward.

Any thoughts?



Hi Gerard,

As this converter cannot boost, and the adjustment pot acts over the whole range (1.5 - 30V), my bet is that you just haven’t turned it far enough.

Keep twisting, and you should see your output begin to drop at a certain point.

If it does turn out that you have some dead units, we’ll sort you out.


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Yep, you’re right on the money. Turning the pot CCW doesn’t do much initially then it drops off pretty nicely.

I already had a couple that I bought from ‘Dodgy Bros’ on eBay and one of them is definitely crook as in output=input. The other one is OK.

All the ones from you guys are 100%.

All’s well that ends well!