Advice needed for booth set up

Hi all,
Relatively new to the IoT space and hoping for some advice for a booth set up. The requirements are as follows:

  • camera is streaming video to display
  • person is detected within proximity of the camera which may be quite a tight space, 1-2m sq.
  • an alert is sent to Azure IoT hub and processed
  • once processing from Azure is complete, command is sent to shut the camera down, or stop streaming video

Hoping for advice on the best equipment to source for such a set up, then any tutorials on how it’s best configured.

Hi Bryan,

Have a look at our kiosk tutorial. There is also a tool called IFTTT that may be useful for the automation part.

Hi Clinton,
Thanks for the helpful response. I guess the camera would use the RTSP Video feed into Screenly? I’m unsure how I would trigger IFTTT from the camera or sensor? Would there be a particular camera / sensor best suited to this?

Hi Brian,
This would depend on the sensor If you are familiar with the Python language there are hook available for it to interact with both IFTTT and the sensors.