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Hello geeks. 1st post - please be gentle.

**UPDATE - 7 days, no responses to my original post but I have been making enquiries about what I might need and I think I can add further details.
It has been suggested to me that a RaspberryPi system with a touch screen will work as the controller, the software I have in C# may need to be re-written in Linux, and for now I will just run it with the commercial off the shelf (COTS) scanner - so at this stage no camera or LEDs required.
So in short i need a RaspPi system with a touch screen to run a COTS scanner.
Any takers?

Im looking to make a custom overhead document scanner.
Ive bought a cheap one from ebay and the hardware works ok - it appears to be a standard web 2.0 96dpi webcam and 4 LED’s for light on a plastic stand that plugs into a PC. It does what it needs to do - but it doesnt do what I want it to do.
Im happy to build one from scratch or, if you like, you can hack into the existing scanner via USB. Im looking for you to build the electronics - not the physical stand.
My plan is it will be a 300dpi webcam, some good quality LED’s, a 3.5" (or larger) LCD or similar srceen, PCB board and the ‘electronicy bits’ that make it all work.
Are you in awe of my technical lingo?
I have the software written - its in C# - it works well with this scanner on my PC but i want it installed and running from the unit itself.
Im in Pakenham Vic - so for physical testing and the like im going to hope you are in SE subs of Melb.
Happy to answer any questions.
thank you

Hi Glenn,

Looks like a pretty interesting project! So you are looking for a Raspberry Pi program with enclosure to operate the scanner for you? What is the brand of the scanner?

Hi Stephen.
Not 30 minutes ago I finally found a guy on airtasker who says he can do it. Its taken me a week to find someone. Hes in NSW somewhere which is a shame because i was hoping to physically work with hm for testing etc. I honestly had no idea it was going to be that hard to find someone for this project. Im on a steep learning curve with all this.
Anyway, its a cheap no name overhead scanner - web 2.0 camera.
It does everything i want it to with C# software i had written that cost me $100.
I want to run it as a stand alone unit so i can cart it around- with the Pi and 3.5 or 5" screen as the UI driving the scanner.

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Hi Stephen
Having a little trouble with logistics at the moment.
Can i put some questions to you please and see what you might recommend?

Ask away Glenn, we are here to help!

The scanner software is written in C#. When plugged into a PC it all works beautifully.
The software developer is in Croatia.
He can rewrite in Linux but requires the R-Pi on his desk for testing etc. He cant do it remotely.
The scanner is going to work as a stand alone system - so it will be running off an R-Pi.

The hardware (R-Pi and scanner) is currently located in NSW. The tech guy there is trying to convert the C# into Linux to make it work.
Im told the software needs to be rewritten - it wont work just as a straight language conversion.

I am able to get the equipment sent back to me (or anywhere for that matter via AusPost).
The scanner software is not a big program - its pretty basic.

How do i get my scanner to work?
1 - get it written in Linux by my dev and have a local guy install, set it up, test it and fix any bugs?
2 - get a local guy to rewrite and set up the R-Pi in linux and have it work as required?
3 - post the hardware to Croatia for the dev to do it there (least preferred option)?

Hi Glenn,

Why don’t you use Windows 10 Iot core? This is a bare bones Windows install that you can put on a Pi. I believe it has the .NET framework required to run C#. You will likely need to make some changes but it might ‘just work’ its certainly worth a shot:

If you need to get it rewritten, you might be best off having someone rewrite it in Python locally. It doesn’t sound like you are doing anything terribly complex so this might be the most cost effective way. C# can be run on linux/raspberry Pi, but a quick search seems to indicate that this might be a complex undertaking.

Hi Stephen. Long time since your suggestion and I am onto it now.
Downloaded and installed Win10 IoT Core as suggested. Flashed the SD card - all good.
It wont boot up - its not picking up the internet via the cable. Ive tried 2 internet cables - nothing. the lights on the Pi at the ethernet plug arent flashing or lighting up.
I reflashed the card. Still nothing.
Any advice?

Just following on from my last, im still doing my research - it appears Win10 IoT wont flash onto a Pi 3 B+. It seems it is possible but i need a very technical person who can do it.

The only Win 10 IoT for the Pi3B+ is an ‘unsupported technical preview’, and things like WiFi and Bluetooth don’t work.

I would suggest investing in a Pi3B, which is supported (and Core-Electronics have them in stock) and save lots of time and effort trying to get it to work, with no guarantee of success. MicroSoft also recommend this approach.

Using the Pi3B also means you can follow something like the AdaFruit IoT guide to get it set up.

Having all sorts of problems just trying to get it up and doing things. I want to install Win10 so that I can install software to run a small scanner. Been trying all arvo on this solution - https://www.hackster.io/JiongShi/windows-10-iot-core-for-raspberry-pi-3-model-b-92b1a3
No luck - reflashed numerous times, new sd card, tried wifi dongle, lan cables - ive tried it all. Got nowhere - just a colourful screen.Uploading: 20190912_230215.jpg… Uploading: 20190912_133345.jpg… Uploading: 20190912_224339.jpg…

Reinstalled the data onto the SD card that I got it with and turned it on. LibreELEC logo. “Error in mount_storage etc. sh :cant access tty : job control turned off”. Currently sitting at a # prompt.

I dont even know if its working - the keyboard doesnt appear to work.

So - as suggested - get a 3 B and put aside the B+. That should install Win10 ok - correct?

So tell me - what can i do with a 3 B+? https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-3-b-media-center-kit-pro.html That what i bought, It certainly appears that its easily internet capable.

The keyboard not working? Also a known issue that some wireless keyboards don’t work with Win 10 IoT on the Pi3B+.

As to what to do with a spare Pi3B+ media centre? Set up a media centre🤗

Alternatively, you could install Raspian on it, and try running your app under Wine😂

Running away now laughing…