Advice on best introduction product for 8 year old

Hi there, my 8 year old daughter loves to build. She loves lego.
I’m looking for recommendations of products to introduce her to some science toys. I’ve looked at the Snap Circuits Junior 100 and the Snap Circuits Junior Select. What is the difference between them?
Any other recommendations welcome.
I like that with Snap Circuits she can easily rebuild different experiments.
Thank you.


Hi Suzy,

Not much in terms of difference, the Jr. Select is a little older as far as I am aware. Otherwise, they’re very similar. I’d say that’d be the pick for that age group. Personally, for younger students I often recommend the MicroBit if they want to learn how to code, the Maqueen kit makes it very simple to use the board for robotics, or possibly the Edison instead, as it is quite easy to use, and she can incorporate Lego into the robot itself very easily, and you don’t need to write code to program it (there’s included instructions on the website for getting started with it and how it works).


Thank you, I have placed my order. Hopefully she loves it!